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Think Football

Think Football

Think Football uses sport to offer anybody with mental illness or struggles the opportunity to improve their wellbeing. 

Engaging with adults aged 18+, Aston Villa Foundation coaches provide weekly sessions and workshops for people of any footballing ability.

A participant at the session will receive personal support and advice from our coaches as well as the opportunity to build self-esteem and confidence through football.

Starting in March 2017 as a 26-week pilot project, Think Football has grown from strength to strength. 

With over 50 participants engaged in the sessions, the success of the project meant the Foundation was able to continue the sessions beyond the initial 26 weeks with support from Premier League BT Sport Disability Funding. Think Football has had a positive impact on many of the participants and their mental wellbeing.

In addition to football, the fitness activities carried out during sessions improves participants’ physical wellbeing by developing their fitness levels and weight management.

We have also involved guest speakers to talk about improving nutrition and offering other accessible activities within the local area. Think Football will continue to build on its success so far and we are aiming to build in a competitive element for those that wish to take that route, working closely with Birmingham FA to develop some Mental Wellbeing festivals.

Aston Villa Foundation currently run a group every Wednesday 11am-12:30pm in The Academy Building at Villa Park. 

All sessions are free.If you would like to get involved please contact Ryan Hollings 0121 327 2299 (Ext 414) or via email