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Common Questions

Who can purchase an Early Bird Season Ticket?

The Early Bird season ticket price is open to all supporters for the 2019/20 season. 

Current season ticket holders have the option to renew the same seat and new purchasers can buy any seat not currently occupied by a current season ticket holder.

Are there any additional costs when buying a season ticket?

There are no additional costs when buying a season ticket during the Early Bird window regardless of payment method.

Early Bird 19/20 Season Tickets: V12 Finance

Check out all the information you need, click here.

How can I renew/purchase a season ticket?

The quickest and easiest way to renew or purchase a season ticket for 2019/20 would be via our Online Box Office.

Supporters renewing online during the Early Bird window will earn an extra 200 Pride Reward Points which will be loaded on at the end of the Early Bird window. 

Alternatively you can also buy in person at the Ticket Office at Villa Park or over the telephone on 0333 323 1874.

How can I spread the cost of my season ticket with no extra charges?

Supporters can spread the cost over four or nine months using Zebra Finance. 

The easiest way to apply for our finance option is to visit the Online Box Office, select ‘Finance’ as your method of payment and follow the simple instructions.

How do I earn Pride Reward points?

Supporters purchasing a season ticket for 2019/20 will receive an initial sign up bonus of 500 points with consecutive renewal bonuses available to supporters who renew year on year. 

Further Reward points can then be earned by engaging with the club in many ways. 

For full details on how you can earn additional points please visit and select ‘Earn Points’. 

How does the season ticket auto renew facility work?

Supporters can sign up to our auto renew service which enables supporters to easily renew their season ticket automatically each season when paying in full. 

If you wish to sign up to this service you will be required to provide your payment details at the point of purchasing your season ticket for 2019/20. 

Supporters are able to sign up to this service online via the Online Box Office or by contacting the Ticket Office. 

Signing up to this service will mean you will secure next seasons season ticket at the best possible price.

I sit in Price Zone 1 (Premium) Seating area and have recently changed age/price class. Can I buy my seat at a concessionary rate?

The only concessionary rates available within a Price Zone 1 (Premium) Seating area are for supporters who have consecutively held a season ticket in this area since the 2006/07 season. 

New sales in these areas are charged at the adult rate regardless of supporter age.

What are the deadline dates for the Early Bird offer?

Season ticket holders can renew their existing seat and fans wishing to become season ticket holders can do so at the cheapest rate up until 5pm on Friday 5th April 2019.

Regardless of divisional status, prices will increase at the end of the season.

What is eCash and how can I spend it?

eCash is a feature which allows your season card to be loaded with money which can then be used to pay for goods or items (O18s only). 

eCash can be spent here at Villa Park either at the Ticket Office, Official Retail Store, Catering Kiosks or it can also be used online at to purchase tickets or retail items.

We also accept eCash over the phone at the Ticket Office. Supporters are also able to spend eCash through our Pride Rewards affiliates where they can take advantage of exclusive offers or earn extra reward points. 

For further information on the Pride Rewards programme, please log into your account online at 

Will I get a new season card?

Supporters who renew the same seat with no changes will have their existing card reactivated.

Those purchasing new season tickets, changing seats or changing price class will receive a new card.

When will I receive my new season card?

We will be sending season cards out ahead of the upcoming 2019/20 Premier League season.

You should contact the club if you have not received your new season card or a match ticket ahead of the first home game of the season against Bournemouth.

All season tickets will be posted individually to each named season ticket holder and not to the lead purchaser. 

Unfortunately we are unable to accept requests to collect season tickets.

How can I update my address so that my season card can be delivered to the correct place?

By contacting the Ticket Office on 0333 323 1874, visit the Ticket Office in person, or alternatively log into your Online Box Office account update your personal details yourself.

What should I do if I have lost or lose my new season card?

Contact the Ticket Office on 0333 323 1874 or visit the Ticket Office in person. 

Please note, there is a £10 administration fee for a replacement season card.

Will it be possible to view my seats in person before I buy them?

Yes – Our dedicated seat viewing dates are Saturday 9th March and Saturday 23rd March between 10am to 2pm. 

Supporters are able to visit the Ticket Office in order to be taken to a selected number of seats. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer seat views during any other time.

Can I use vouchers to pay for my season card?

Yes. Aston Villa Ticket Office Gift vouchers can be used at the Ticket Office in person, by phone or via the Online Box Office.

How can I transfer my existing season ticket seat to a family member or friend?

We require a written request signed by the season ticket holder, or parent / guardian in the event the season ticket holder is under 16 years of age. 

The request should detail the name, client reference number (if applicable), date of birth, address and contact details of the person you wish to take ownership of the seat. 

The transfer of the season ticket must however reflect the price categories set and not entitle the new person to the same concession. 

Please email any request to

I want to renew my relative or friend’s season ticket in addition to my own. What information is required to do this?

The person’s name, Fan ID, date of birth, address and contact details if purchasing directly with the Ticket Office. If you are purchasing online, you will need to ensure the supporters you are purchasing for are in your relationship group. 

You can simply add supporters into your relationship group by navigating to the personal details page, then select ’manage my relationships’ within the ‘My Family & Friends’ section. Here you will see a list of existing supporters in your relationship group and you have the option at the top to ‘create a new relationship’.

If the supporter has an existing Fan ID then you will be prompted to enter this along with either their surname or postcode for verification purposes or if the supporter does not have an existing Fan ID then you are able to set them up with an account by selecting ‘No’ when asked if they are an existing supporter. 

In order to be able to renew a season ticket for another supporter you will need to ensure they are ticked in your ‘Family Unit’.

If I wish to bring family or friends to a match, can I move my season ticket seat so we can sit together at the game?

Yes, that’s absolutely fine. 

You will need to call or visit the Ticket Office and we will issue you an alternative ticket for the relevant game (your season card will not be active for any games replacement tickets are provided for). Please note if you choose to move seat to a more expensive area of the stadium, you will be required to pay the price differential. 

We require prior permission from all season ticket holders who wish to be relocated for a match (for juniors we require the purchasers or parents’ permission). 

Please ensure the Ticket Office have permission from each supporter before contacting us to process any relocations.

Can I move my season ticket seat to another area of the stadium before the start of the season?

Yes. Supporters are able to relocate at any point into seats that are not currently occupied by a current season ticket holder. 

Please note, if you choose to move to a more expensive area, this additional payment will need to be made in full at the point of sale and cannot be added to any existing finance agreement.

How do I qualify for a concessionary price season ticket?

(U14, U18, U21, O65, Student (FT) and Armed Forces)

If you are U14, U18, U21 or 65 and over on 1st September 2019 you will qualify for a concessionary priced season ticket. 

If we do not have a record of your date of birth you will be required to provide documentation to which shows proof of age. 

If you are a full time student, we would require confirmation of this by completing a student application form, which can be downloaded from our website, or in the form of a valid NUS card or university confirmation letter. 

For those in the Armed Forces, you would need to present a valid Armed Forces identity card upon purchase.

What proof of age is required if I am buying a season ticket for the first time? Also, when is this required?

We would like to see a copy of your passport or birth certificate at the time of purchase. Please do not send originals into the ticket office. A copy can also be sent to the Ticket Office by email to

What happens if I turn 14, 18 or 21 before 1st September 2019?

Any supporter who falls into a new age category by 1st September 2019 will no longer qualify for their previous concessionary rate and will automatically be charged at the appropriate new rate.

Can I upgrade a concessionary ticket to an adult ticket for individual fixtures?

Yes, contact the Ticket Office on 0333 323 1874 or visit the Ticket Office in person. 

Subject to an additional charge.

What constitutes a 'family' ticket?

A family ticket is two adults and two children under 18 years of age. 

Additional child tickets can be purchased at the regular rate. 

All concession prices apply to the age the supporter is on the 1st September 2019.

Can I buy season tickets in the Family Area?

Season tickets can be purchased in the Family Area by contacting the Ticket Office on 0333 323 1874 or by visiting in person. 

All sales in the Family Area are subject to there being one U18 to every two adults. No individual adult, U21, O65, Student or Armed Forces sales will be processed in these areas (Trinity Road Stand Blocks C8, C9 & B7).

Will I be able to sell my seat via a seat resale programme for games I cannot attend?

Supporters have the benefit of being able to sell their seat using the clubs seat resale programme for matches they are unable to attend. 

Supporters can list tickets in advance and may receive 1/23rd of the cost of their season ticket back as a BACS payment subject to seat being resold. 

More information will be communicated before the new season.

Are there any additional benefits to being a season ticket?

There are many additional benefits of being a season ticket holder for 2019/20.

How can I buy a hospitality season ticket?

Please contact the Hospitality Sales team on 0333 323 1982 (option one).

What are the requirements for those wishing to purchase disabled seating?

Supporters are eligible for a disabled rate match ticket if they are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance or PIP (Person Independence Payment). 

In order to receive a personal assistant season ticket you must claim Disability Living Allowance - medium or higher rate of mobility or care – or Personal Independence Payments – Daily Living or Mobility components at Standard or Enhanced rate. 

Evidence will need to be presented to the Ticket Office at the point of purchase. 

Personal assistant tickets are only to be used to when attending with the designated disabled supporter.

I struggle with mobility due to age/disability. Is there an easily accessible area where I can sit?

The club has a wide range of seating options available to supporters and these can be discussed with a consumer sales representative to best suit the needs of the supporter. 

Parking for disabled supporters may be available subject to availability by contacting the Ticket Office.

What is the Cup Scheme and how can I sign up?

The Cup Scheme guarantees your season ticket seat for all home cup matches, saving you having to check on sale dates and contacting us to purchase your ticket. 

You are required to provide payment details which are used to automatically process your cup ticket which is then dispatched to you. 

Supporters can sign up by contacting the Ticket Office directly and providing payment details or via the Online Box Office by logging in using their Fan ID, clicking their name in the top right corner of the screen and selecting ‘Enrol your season ticket into the Cup Scheme’ . 

Terms and conditions can be found on our website.

I was a member of the Cup Scheme last season. Will I automatically be entered into the Cup Scheme for the 2019/20 season?

No. Please contact the Ticket Office in order to re-join for the new season.

Will the Away Season Ticket Membership be available and will there be a fee to join?

Information on the Away Scheme for 2019/20 will be confirmed by June 2019.

If a season ticket holder fails to renew by the Early Bird deadline, will their seats be released onto general sale on Saturday 7th April?

Their seats will not be released. 

Supporters who have not renewed by 5pm on Friday 6th April will unfortunately miss out on the Early Bird price for their season ticket however current season ticket holders will have another window of renewing at the end of the season. 

Dates to be confirmed.

Other Questions?

If any of your questions remain unanswered then please call 0333 323 1874 or drop in to the Ticket Office at Villa Park and speak to one of our Ticket Office team.

Twitter: @avfcsupport

Call" 0333 3231874

Email Ticketing: